Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I originally set out to throw Dude a tractor themed birthday party, but it easily slid into a construction/truck/whatever party. I knew I was pressing my luck throwing this party so close to my due date, so we opted for simple yet fun. I wanted enough details to say "Mommy loves you" but not so many that it stressed me out. It ended up being the perfect combination of the two, and Dude was pleased as punch.

My favorite part was the cake. This is where I usually stress the most, but I found this simple yet adorable idea on Pinterest and it was perfect.

I justify its simplicity with the fact that I still went to the effort of making it from scratch. Homemade banana cake (Dude's choice) and chocolate butter cream frosting. It was heavenly.

A few weeks back, the kids and I hit the "big" dollar store, and found some great, inexpensive decorations.

Scored this balloon for $1, only for our local grocery store to charge $4 to fill it. What a rip. Stupid helium shortage.

I did manage to make this with some basic scrapbook paper, washi tape, baker's twine and rubber stamps.

Dude got some fun new toys, but seriously, they ALL make noise. Don't these people know we're going to have a newborn in the house soon? Needless to say, some got tucked away for a rainy day ;)

 Thanking Great Grandma Mary. Melts my heart.

Teamwork. Sister was just as excited for the new toys as he was.
While I am in charge of the invites, cake, and decorations, Nick is in charge of the food. This year we accepted the offers for help with a few side dishes, and Nick made a triple batch of homemade broccoli cheese soup. It was a hit.

And then of course, every one's favorite part. Cake. And singing.

Doodey smiled the whole time and kept looking around at everyone. He couldn't believe we were all there, singing just for him.

He got one candle out, then kept trying and trying for the others. Sissy stepped in to help, and together they knocked those bad boys out.
Thanks to all our family and friends who helped us celebrate two years with this sweet little man. He surely felt the love. 


  1. i remember you pregnant with him. i remember right after you had him when you came to my first show. how can that have been 2 years ago?! crazy how time goes so fast. adorable cake!

  2. Can't believe he's two! That cake sounds fabulous!

  3. Such a big boy! Glad you had a nice party day! :)

  4. you are such a great mama. just had to get that out there. : )

    he is so big. i remember his 1st birthday post like it was yesterday! crazy train.

  5. Oh I do love this. My little 2 year old is mad about cars and trucks and I have been thinking of throwing hime a similar themed birthday bash for his third (I meant to do it for his second in January, but we were all sick in the lead up to his birthday so it all went to pot). You've given me some more ideas here.

  6. Happy Birthday, Milo! You are growing up so fast!