Monday, February 18, 2013


I know, I know. I've already written about his birthday here and here . But I have one more post about his actual birthday, then I'm done. I swear.

I was a little torn about how to spend his special day, which happened to land on a Tuesday. It was the last day that I knew I'd be able to volunteer in Nugget's preschool class before baby arrives (and let's face it, I'm not sure I'll get there after baby comes), but I also wanted the focus to be on Dude. After a little hum and hawing, I decided to just go for it. After all, he loves going to her school, and I knew it wouldn't make a difference to him how we spent those two hours.

So, after a yummy birthday breakfast of pancakes, we headed to school. The pancakes were a hit, as is anything that involves "dip", as you can see by the syrup running down his chin :)

Nugget's teachers are awesome, and totally don't mind that Dude tags along when I volunteer. They even include him in all activities, which makes my heart smile.

 Playing Playdough
 Sister got to lead the class in practicing the alphabet! Surely an important job.
Play time!
He also got to enjoy snack time and going to the gym to play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck and kick/throw around a ball. Big shot stuff, you know.
After school, Daddy was able to sneak away from work and meet us for lunch at Etlin's Cafe. Anytime we get to see Daddy in the middle of the day is exciting.

After our busy morning, we came home for naps, then spent the afternoon just lounging at home (other than running to Sister's dance class!). He enjoyed playing with his new birthday toys, especially some Duplos that came in the mail that day (Thanks Uncle Chad and family!).
This picture about sums up turning two. My big boy, looking all studly, drinking his beloved orange juice from a real glass. How did he grow up so fast?!

We concluded the day with a yummy dinner of homemade chicken nuggets, and of course, cake and singing!
I'd say we spent the day just right...a nice pace of partying and down time.
Cheers to you and turning two, my little stud muffin!

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