Tuesday, February 14, 2012


What a whirlwind of a day. Wasn't expecting to wake up to find Brother in his crib covered in vomit at 5:15am. Poor little fella. Got him cleaned up, changed the sheets and switched to a fresh blankie. Nursed him and he fell back asleep until 8:45am. That never happens. My kids are early birds. Any who, went in to get him, only to be greeted this time by the foul smell of a pretty nasty dirty diaper. He seemed in good spirits otherwise. We headed downstairs for breakfast; he was super thirsty for water but not too interested in his toast. I seriously couldn't take the smell any longer, so into the tub he went.

Freshly bathed babies smell waaay better than ones covered in vomit and poop. Just sayin'. We played for a bit and then he went down for his mid-morning nap, which ended up lasting close to two hours.

In the meantime, Nugget and I prepared for our planned Valentine's Day tea party.

Making gingersnap cookies.

We brought her table and chairs down from her playroom, and set up every little girls dream.

She was so excited and waited very patiently while we set up. By the time everything was ready, it was closer to lunch than I thought it would be, so we added some finger sandwiches and fruit to our menu.

The tea set above belonged to my great grandmother. I've had it since I was a young(er), and sadly today was the first time I have ever used it. I wish I had a full set, or at least two, but the one is all I've got.

So, we searched through the local thrift store yesterday hoping to come up with something to compliment it. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but it did the part.

 A little while back while stocking up on fabric at JoAnn's, Nugget came across this sweet little tea print, and really wanted me to make her something with it. I decided on a table cloth and a set of napkins for her play kitchen. Made the perfect addition for today.

We chatted while we ate our snacks and drank our tea, cleaned up a few spills, and enjoyed the girly time together.

Then Nugget decided it wasn't a party until someone sang Happy Birthday and blew out a candle. I thought What the heck. Why not?

She loved it so much, that we did it four times. Thankfully it was a tall candle.

Just as our party was drawing to a close, Brother woke from his nap. He seemed alright, so I fed him some lunch. Bad move. I should have known better. Changed another nasty diaper and some more vomit, and decided it would be best to stay put for the remainder of the day.

We spent the afternoon playing, cuddling, and reading books. So far he's held down crackers and water for dinner. I'm crossing my fingers that he's on the mend, and that the rest of us remain healthy. I hate sickness around here. Especially in the form of vomit.

Ok, enough of that visual. How did you spend your Valentine's day?


  1. knock on wood... my kids have yet to be the vomit kind of sick. so i can't imagine. i feel so bad for him. i hope and pray he is completely well by tomorrow! as for the tea party? absolutely precious. and the candle part is the icing on the cake! hugs and happy vday!

  2. Awww poor baby. Not a good start to the day. Love how you brought it around though. I miss little tea parties. The cup you found thrifting looked great.

  3. Oh, I hope he feels better today. What a wonderful tea party you and your daughter shared. So sweet and wonderful memories made.

  4. What a yucky thing for him to be feeling like that:( Hope he's feeling better and no one else gets it...we are through it, and I'm hoping it's not coming back!!! Fun day for you and Nugget- very sweet!!