Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm determined to take this week and give my house a proper spring cleaning. Tackling each room one by one, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, washing, and my favorite, purging. My motto this week is 'less is more'. It's kind of sickening how much stuff we have that we don't need. It feels good to box it up and pass it along.

I started with Nugget's room yesterday. Cleaning turned into rearranging, and I am just smitten with the fresh, new look of her room.

Here it is before. And yes, sometimes, okay, a lot of the time, it is that messy. I hope its not a precursor to her teen years...yikes!

And here it is after I was bit by the cleaning bug.

 A new addition, a spot for her library bag.

When you live in an old house, you are blessed with lots of fun nooks and crannies. My most favorite room in our house is Nugget's kitchen, a little playroom inside her bedroom. Perhaps it's my childhood dream, brought vicariously to life through her.

I made her this new curtain out of a dish towel last week. Isn't it cute?

And here's a closer look at the artwork in her bedroom. I have big plans for the empty wall. That will be my next project ;)

 I was too cheap to buy canvas wraps of these pics, so I tried making them myself. Not great. Now I see why it may have been worth the splurge. Oh well.

 Protect her. Love her. Keep her safe. Made by my friend Becky of Farmgirl Paints.

 Print from Etsy. I spray painted the frame white, and used scraps of paper to jazz up the mat.

Nugget's footprints at birth, six months, and one year old.

And there you have it! I tackled Brother's room this morning, and I'll share that next! 


  1. I love how her room turned out! It looks amazing! Well done! xx

  2. We're on the same page in more than one way... I'm spring cleaning this week also. (Between caring for sick kids and trying to have a little fun.) Also I have been wanting to go through each room to take pictues to document our house. I never did that since we built, so I have thought it would be fun to do. It won't be nearly as adorable as yours. You and Nick have excellent taste! I could hire you to dress me, my kids, and my house! :)

  3. oh wow. so lovely. wonderful changes. and those painting's of Becky's are some of my favorite ones she has ever done!

  4. Can you come and do my rooms? This looks awesome!!! I wish I had that beautiful little playroom- she is a lucky little more ways than one!