Friday, April 13, 2012


About a month ago, I made a long dream come true, and upgraded my camera. I had this grand plan to blog all about it, say good bye to my trusty old Rebel and show off my new flashy Mark. I was so excited, checking my tracking status with the mailman daily, to be sure I didn't miss it's anticipated arrival. But then it came. And it scared the begeebers out of me. It was big. And heavy. And all the buttons and dials were in new places, and I felt so small and that my minuscule knowledge of photography was not nearly enough to tackle Mark. But bound and determined, I lured my kids outside to play on the deck and began to snap away.

But my amateur status was confirmed when I realized too late that Mark was set to shoot in raw. Not the end of the world, but I didn't know how to access them. So there they sat, in a secret folder on my computer for almost a month. And I really didn't think much of them until today.

While chatting away with a new friend, cameras came up in our conversation, and low and behold, she knew how to help me! She emailed me step by step directions on how to open these gigantic files and wah-la, my gorgeous pics laid out before my very eyes.

Who knew that my rookie mistake would turn out to be an awesome learning opportunity. Turns out raw and Photoshop go pretty nifty together, opening all kids of doors I didn't even know existed.

While I sat here during nap time today figuring this all out, I realized something. I like learning. It makes me feel pretty badass to pursue my passion. I'm a badass. Mark's a badass. And I think we're going to get along swell.


  1. Great job, friend! You are always learning something new!!!