Monday, April 23, 2012


Bits and pieces of our lives the past few weeks...
Nugget did her own hair and was so proud...

After nap one day, Nugget brought me one of her Animal Baby magazines, opened to a craft page in the back, and said "I want to make this". With Brother still asleep, we printed off the materials from the website, and went to work. The love of raccoons continues....

Brother is really interested in feeding himself recently, using plates and utensils like a big kid. He is surprisingly a pretty clean eater, but he does need some practice drinking from a water jug. Case in point, soaking wet pajamas. But he was SO proud of himself. Gotta love independence.

Fact: Bubbles are fun, whether you're 1 or 3 or 29.


Nick took us on a weekend adventure to Fort Snelling, where we enjoyed the gorgeous day and explored...

Brother can spy a bird or a plane from a mile away...

Melt my heart, why dontchya...

Brother continues to add moves to his dance he's doing the 'turn around while doing arm circles' move. After a turn or two he gets too dizzy and falls over.

Our bathroom remodel is dragging on, although we are thisclose to completion. In the meantime, I'm looking past the mess and smiling at these dimpled baby buns. Who can resist?


  1. i must admit, i think Nugget is on to something. i like her hair! : )

  2. Oh my goodness..these are precious. :)

  3. Loving Brother's little plaid pants!! He looks so grown up in them! Your bubble picture is so cute!

  4. love the first picture of your daughter's hair - just precious!