Saturday, April 14, 2012


Easter was pretty laid back for us this year. The kids woke in the morning and discovered the Easter bunny had paid a visit and left them some awesome baskets overflowing with goodies.

Nugget especially loved her princess Polly Pockets...

And Brother wanted to eat his treats right away.

That Easter bunny is pretty impressive, knowing just what my kids love most!

Nugget spotted some eggs hidden outside in the garden, so we wandered out there to get a closer look.

Later in the morning Nugget and I went to church, while Nick stayed back with the sleeping little man. We headed to my Mom's after lunch for some family time, and Nugget got her fill of cousins.

And that was our Easter. Pretty quiet compared to some, but a fun day nonetheless.

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  1. That last picture of the kids made me smile. It reminded me of those old fashion photos where you're supposed to look serious. :) Don't you love how the Easter Bunny was not only generous, but practical too with the Baby Orajel?! Milo's vest looks adorable! Did you make that shirt?