Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm a traditions kind of gal, and look forward to the fun and excitement that each holiday brings. Traditions ground us in this ever busy, fast paced world. They make us slow down, stop time, enjoy the gifts that are right in front of us.

We didn't waste any time prepping for Easter this year. Nugget knew what was in store, and dyed some eggs like it was her J-O-B. And Brother? Well, he's still in training.

He faded out quickly, but Nugget stuck around for the long haul.

And I don't know if it was using farm fresh eggs this year, or the fact that I actually followed the directions on the box, but these are our brightest, most vibrant eggs yet. I like.

Too bad no one around here likes to eat hard boiled eggs. Happens every year. Normally they get lost somewhere in the dark places of our refrigerator, only to be discovered well past their prime. This year I tried to be proactive and whip em into delicious egg salad sandwiches, but turns out, no one likes those either.

But we do like the process, so we'll continue with it. It's all worth it to see this little love snuggle up her egg like its a baby kitty and smooch it and hug it and ask to sleep with it. I said no to the later, but we did compromise and she went to bed wearing the ears.

So, yeah, these traditions...I love em.

Oh yes, and I also love when I stumble upon one of Nugget's creative quests. Like when she decorated this house plant with plastic eggs. Crack a sister up. She's a funny one, my girl.


  1. Oh, girl...You seriously have the cutest, sweetest little family. Do you know how much I would LOVE to live closer to you?!?! I sure miss you:)

  2. Oh, and hilarious that O was hugging and kissing her egg...mine totally did that, too! It's those little things in life! Glad we have that instilled in them! Way to go, Mama!

  3. the nugget with egg pictures are too presh!!! girl, i would've eaten the egg salad for you. i LOVE it. i never make eggs though, because they are dangerous in our house around my egg allergy boy. it's a shame. glad it was a fun little experience!