Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I think this is my first words-only post ever, and honestly, it feels a bit funny. But Nugget and I had a hilarious conversation in the car this afternoon, and I just have to get it out before it fades from my memory.

We were driving home from Target... I've had a gross cough all week and am just plain tuckered out. Nugget senses my exhaustion, and wants to help.

Mama: I am so sleepy.
Nugget: You should rest on the couch and watch a Dora when we get home.
Mama: That sounds wonderful honey, but who is going to watch Brother?
Nugget: I will watch him for you, Mama.
Mama: Aww, that's sweet of you Nuggie. But I'll be alright.

small pause

Nugget: I wish I had big boobies like you.
Mama: (wtf? Did she just say that?) Why's that, Love?
Nugget: I want my little boobies to grow into big boobies.
Mama: (Still dumbfounded) What would you do if you had big boobies?
Nugget: I would feed Brother!
(ahh, now I get it. See....wanting to help Mama! I feel slightly more at ease with this conversation.)
Nugget: And when you have another girl baby, I will help feed her too.

I love her sweet innocence. And a disclaimer: I AM NOT PREGNANT. We would love to be,  maybe sooner than later. Nugget really hopes for a sister and talks about her 'girl baby' often.

On a semi-related side note...I finally found a milk that Brother will drink! Praise the Lord. After passing up whole milk, one percent, chocolate, and soy, he has finally settled on coconut milk. Let the weaning begin.


  1. I was laughing out loud!!! Oh, the innocence of that sweet babe! What a great little helper....Baby on the mind, huh!? We think alike:) And good luck with the weaning!

  2. AHhhh!! I love how their little minds think :) That's a good one! I'm with ya on baby fever haha.

  3. hilarious and absolutely sweet! she is such a lover and a helper! i hope you have a baby girl, too. and soon! : )