Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have this problem. I take a lot of pictures. It's actually something that brings me a lot of joy, until it comes time to doing something with them. Scrapbook? Please. I have two kids and those days are long gone. So I resort to blogging. It makes me feel better knowing my pictures have some kind of temporary home to record their meaning, that is until I find time to scrapbook again. But I have this other problem, you see. I can't narrow them down. Each picture I take means something to me. That moment in time was meaningful enough to me that I felt it necessary to snap away. Then it comes to blogging and sometimes all the pictures that I want to share overwhelms me, and I lose motivation.

I still have lots of photos from the island that I want to document on here, but I'm loosing my steam. If only I could pick out a handful of my favorites from the trip and call it a day I wouldn't be in this predicament. But I love them all, so I'm just gonna plug along, minus the creativity, and just get them on here. Photo dump style.

Sunday was our last day on the island, and I had a short list of things I wanted to do before we parted ways. Watch the sunrise. Walk the beach. Find more perfect seashells. Feed the seagulls. Capture my kids on the beach at sunset. And you know what? I got to do every single one of them.

So, without further ado....Here comes the sun, and I say it's alright.

Watching the sunrise...

Walking the beach and finding more perfect seashells...


Giant turtle!

Nick fished while we fed the seagulls...

The birds get SO close. It's pretty cool, yet a little freaky...

 I'm in love with this one.

And the grand finale...Capturing my kids on the beach at sunset.

I was absolutely NOT planning to be in any of these photos, hence my sweet outfit.
But how can you say no when a fellow beach goer offers to take a family pic for you?

What a day it was. The perfect end to an awesome vacation. Can't wait to do it all again next year. Until then, we'll try not to freeze or turn into snowmen during the upcoming MN winter!


  1. Hello, Beautiful friend! I love your new pics!!! The ones of your babes on the beach at sunset are AMAZING!!!! Way to go!!!!

  2. That's a great problem to have. You take gorgeous pics girl.