Friday, November 11, 2011


Continuing on with our adventures, we took Saturday to explore some more, this time looking around at the houses and noting what had changed since our last visit.

 Nugget is totally into mermaids these days, so it was fun to show her this on one of the rooftops!

The old fish house.

Then we headed over to a favorite place...

This is the house we rent every year, except this year. We really missed staying in this house, and we have vowed never again to stay anywhere but. Gratefully, we're friends with the owners and they still let us use their private beach and dock, which happens to be the best fishing spot on the island.

Nick went digging for sand fleas to use as fishing bait...

While the kids and I played on the beach.

We came back to the house for some lunch...

And went for an afternoon swim.

Of course we couldn't miss another sunset.

And again played on the beach until dark.

 Isn't this a gem? Thanks for capturing this Daddy!

 Using Mommy's headband as a eye patch. A funny one, she is.

And Nugget took her first picture with my camera. Pretty brave of me to let her, considering we were on a beach.

And one more to end the day.

Goodnight Moon.

Only one more day on the island. Boo hoo hoo.


  1. Love your suit. You are just the CUTEST thing. Curious what he was doing with the sand fleas...eeew! What a beautiful place to go.

  2. Love the new banner of the two little ones!! Looks beautiful there! I agree with Becky, love your suit!