Monday, November 21, 2011


Well, with the first snowfall officially on the ground, it looks like winter is here to stay. Which means lots of time indoors. Boo. I actually don't mind it right now, but ask me again in a month or two and I'm sure I'll be clawing at the bit to get outside and play with the kids, sans snowsuits. I am in full on holiday mode, which is also known as craft haven. My girl and I can't get enough. We've gotta stay busy somehow, right?

Nugget has a sweet little desk in her room, but unfortunately it acts as more of a catchall right now. I'm working on making it more of an art center, a special place just for her where she can go craft her little heart out.

A reminder to give a little thanks...

Sprinkles make everything better. And colorful. I love colorful.

This is what Brother has to say about winter. How long before he succumbs to wearing his hat?

I'm loving my kids' post-lunch activities of choice. While I'm cleaning up, they are quietly engaged in their own play...a nice little wind down before nap.

Love this Leap Frog Tag thing!

And a sweet little Thanksgiving pie that has kept my girl entertained for days.

Filled with blueberries, cherries, pumpkin, and apples, of course. (and a few random scraps that sister snuck in). You may prefer yours with a single ingredient, but Nugs likes the thrown in whatever you've got variety.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Cute craft! It was 72 here yesterday...I wore flipflops. How weird/awesome is that? Not missing that snow. Missing you though:(

  2. Your pictures are getting so good! Also, love the pie idea. May have to steal it:) Have a great thanksgiving!