Sunday, August 28, 2011


Until recently, I was a play it safe kind of girl. I admired those who dared to take a risk, try something new, think outside of the box. I always wanted to be a bit more brave, but often fell back into the comforts of the familiar. Case in point: family pictures. I've always styled (if you can even call it that) in fail proof classics. For our engagement photos we wore black. As a family of three we've worn white and brown. Now we're a family of four and i've had enough. No more drab for this mama. I'm stepping out people. And it feels amazing. We've been reminded often that life is all too short and that the risks are worth taking. I want to live my life, I want to show my kids adventure and fun. Although it may be a small step, I did it. And I am beyond thrilled with the results. I opted for color. And patterns. And lots of them. So what if my kids look back at these pictures and scream 'Mom! What in the world were you wearing? and Oh my goodness, look at that ridiculous hat you made me wear!' . Because you know what? This is now. It is our life. And we're living it. I wanted these pictures to reflect exactly who we are today, at this given moment. And we nailed it. See for yourself.

Our happy little family...


Nugget (3 years)...

Brother (6 months)...

I owe a lot to the woman behind the camera. She is not only an amazing photographer, she is also a fabulous friend. You can check out Jennifer Bahn Photography on her website and her blog. She has guided me and inspired me in more ways than one. She has encouraged me on my own photography journey, not once hesitating to share her knowledge. She always oohs and ahhs over my photos and makes me feel so good about them, even though I know I still have a lot to learn. Her soul is kind and sweet. Our husbands get along great and our daughters are the best of friends. Just like I need some color and risks in my life, I need good friends. And I am so glad she is one of them.

Have you stepped out lately? Oh, how i'd love to know.


  1. Great post Amy! love the pictures and have looked at them 5 different times tonight! Such a beautiful family you have:)

  2. LOVE THE POST, and the photos. You are right, it is time for risks.

    Your family is so beautiful, and I especially like the 1st photo because it shows exactly what your family is like at this moment. Cuddling up to a baby with a toddler grabbing onto your leg. Priceless.