Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Nothing crazy or exciting happened today. We had no plans. Nothing we had to get done. Sometimes, those days are the hardest for me. I like when we're busy, have places to go, have friends to see. But sometimes it's nice to have a free day. To do anything imaginable. Sometimes, those days are my favorite.

Today was a good day. Perfectly cool, yet just warm enough. Sunshine. A lazy morning. A walk. And I'm talking a real 'Mama got a workout' kind of walk. Playing at the park. Photo ops. Lunch on the deck. Everyone napped. At the same time. Even me. It was bliss. Farmers Market. Milkshakes and movie night. It was just all good.

Sister loves her shadow.

I love them.

Lovin' sister's and Mama's reflections in the sunnys.

He couldn't take his eyes off Nugget. He was so excited to watch her run around,
flapping his arms and legs wildly.

This photo makes me happy. I was packing up the stroller to leave the park, and looked up and saw this. So peaceful and serene.

Hope you had a good day too. Happy Wednesday.


  1. oh i miss those lazy park days. we need to find a park and do a picnic or something under a tree. the arboretum was one of my very favorite places to go. they have one here. it couldn't possibly be as good, but i'll have to check it out. loved the last pic too.

  2. Oh that gorgeous blonde hair, she looks like a little angel.

    About freezing in jars... you have to make sure that you leave about an inch of free space at the top. The food will expand as it freezes and it will expand up. If you fill it to the top and then clamp a lid on tightly, the glass would crack.

    I need to go make a note on that post- thanks!

  3. I almost forgot, about introducing foods. Once he tried something I would take that and mix it with something new. I waited a couple days in between new foods but not 5-7. If they were in the same family (like peaches and nectarines) I didn't wait in between. I just kept a close eye on him, knowing that if he had a reaction I would have to back track to see what it was.

  4. I love those days of nothing...Having one today. We are cleaning, and washing, and organizing, and re-arranging bedrooms....Not quite as exciting as yours:)

  5. I would love to have a cookbook, what a dream that would be. I did the same thing with squash and ended up with soup. Why do ALL the recipes say to steam them? But it is good if you want to add to grains or use as a "Sauce"