Monday, August 15, 2011


My girl loves to bake. And I love to bake with her. Unfortunately, it is a much harder task these days with having a baby to look after too. But we do it when we can and her whole little body lights up when we do.

This particular baking extravaganza was inspired by one of her favorite books, Pinkalicious.

She's a great egg-cracker, a pretty good mixer, and a phenomenal spatula licker. That last one is her favorite. It could be the sole reason she likes to bake with me. She eagerly anticipates her taste test, and doesn't stop asking for a lick until she gets one.

We have these adorable aprons, but I always forget to wear them. I'm not super messy in the kitchen, so they're more for fun and fashion than anything else. But my girl remembered. And ran up to her play kitchen to get hers. Aren't they cute?

Hers, a vintage find.

Mine, thirty-one. With some cupcake batter on it nonetheless. Maybe I am a bit messy after all.

One on one time with my girl is harder to come by these days, and I'm glad we can bond over baking. Especially when it's Pinkalicious cupcakes. I hope she know how very much I love and adore her, and cherish these moments with her.


  1. oh amy these are precious! seriously so sweet. i hate that i'm a sugarholic...i never make cupcakes with my girls because i'd eat every single last one of them. shame on me!!

  2. Those times baking together are so special and will remain with you both forever! I love the aprons and toes.