Monday, August 8, 2011


I would make my own baby food even if it wasn' t the trendy thing to do. I didn't even know it was all the rage in baby land until we were approaching the sixth month mark and I started reading up on it again. In fact, I made Nugget's baby food too, so technically I was way ahead of the crowd. Whatever. I'm doing it because it's good for him, and truth be told, I love when I have little projects like this to do. I love to create, and making baby food is no exception. It's fun for me, and it's actually something I can accomplish during nap time, which seems next to impossible these days.

Brother has approached this milestone at the perfect time of year, when produce and Farmers Markets are in full swing. We planted a lot of stuff in our own garden, but that has sadly been a bit neglected this year. With the cold/rainy June we had, the garden got planted quite late, and it just never really took off. But the Farmers Market has proven to be a good alternative, with lots of organic options and the prices are next to nothing. I've been having fun trying out a variety of veggies so far. And since it can keep in the freezer for three months, I've got a nice little stock pile going. Carrots, summer squash, zucchini and beets. I opted to begin with carrots, as it was Nugget's first vegetable too. Easy to remember that way.

Anyhow, here's a look at my first batch.
Did you know that the green tops suck up the nutrients from the carrots? Apparently so. I read to look for carrots that already have the tops trimmed off, or do so yourself as soon as you purchase them.

I'm all about adding a little color to my world these days, so when I found a bundle of purple, orange and white organic carrots I snatched it right up.

Steamed and pureed.
Summer squash (yellow) and mixed carrots (orangeish brown).

Steaming summer squash.

This week we introduced the carrots.

And Brother didn't quite know what to think of them.
Something is different here, Mom.

omg, MOM! What did you do to my dinner?!

Yuck! I'll stick to cereal, please.

Mom, that was really gross. Let's not try that again, ok?

I'm happy to report that the second attempt went much better than the first. He still didn't finish them off, but Nugget has rediscovered that she likes baby food, frequently asking if she can try a bite or finish his off! Ha!


  1. where in the world did you find those amazing carrots? that is one lucky baby:) wish you were my mom...ha!

    oh and i hope you got my text. i loved that book. pure sweetness!!! thank you again. i don't deserve you.

  2. where is the baby bullet? i was hoping to get a peek! :)

  3. OMG those pictures are incredible!

    I'm so jealous you were able to find purple carrots!

    We use the greens to make pesto!

    Thats a lot of exclamation points!

  4. Good for you, Mommy! I'm going to be bugging you for 'how-to's' when #3 comes along!! Ha!