Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Today's my birthday. I'm 31. THIRTY ONE! How in the world did I get here?! But it's cool, I'm totally fine with it.

Today was a good day, a little wonky, but mostly good. The wonky parts, you ask? It poured rain here this morning. Like POURED.  So I did what any mother would do on her birthday while it's raining cats and dogs. I changed all the bedding. But the only problem was that when I got up to Nugget's top bunk to wrestle with that fun, the ceiling fan nearly took me out and left me with a sweet little goose egg on my forehead. Whatevs. Whatchya gonna do? Also, rumor has it that lightning took out a TMobile tower in our area, so I currently cannot receive or make phone calls and texts. How did we ever survive before this day in age? Hope it's fixed soon. At least I've still got the Internet :)

The good parts? A garage sale, lunch out with my littles, surprise cupcakes, a nap with my Otto man, T-ball being cancelled, surprises from my fam.

I totally feel weird taking selfies. And I take like twenty before I'm finally semi-satisfied with one. But I wanted to capture myself today, myself at 31. (Pre-goose egg.)

I wanted to do something fun/special for a birthday blog initial thought was to share 31 things I've learned along the way, but who am I kidding? 31 is A LOT of things to think of!

So I decided upon doing a "Currently" post, as that seemed fitting to capture what I'm thinking at this stage of my life.

Ya ready?

Currently loving... late night texting dates with my Swanky Shank girl

Currently reading... Carry on Warrior, by Glennon Doyle Melton

Currently wishing...I had a house keeper

Currently excited about...our upcoming cabin getaway

Currently missing... the sunshine

Currently get caught up with laundry

Currently working at...having lots of love and patience

Currently enjoying...lilacs

Currently snacking on...cake pops (Thanks, Mom!)

Currently using...EOS Lemon Lip Balm

Currently wearing...V-neck tee and shorts

Currently planning...our road trip to Florida!

Currently signing...Get Your Sparkle On (Thanks Nugget!)

Currently restore all the photos that I lost on my blog (like, a year ago!), and print this thing, finally

Currently make peace with a messy house

Currently listening to...the hum of Otto's swing swaying back and forth, back and forth

Currently doing...blogging!

Currently praying for...all those who are sick or hurting

Currently dreaming of...the beach...the ocean

Here's what Nick was hiding from me in the fridge this week:

Looks like a very delicious picnic is in our near future :)


Winner of the Chevron Mama and Baby Peace Bands is Sara OBrien!

Winner of the Teething Necklace is Crystal Schoefer!

Ladies, please email your address so I can have your goodies sent out to you!

I leave you with this.



  1. Happy Birthday! I'm an 82 baby too ;)
    Great selfie and post. {Ella plays GET YOUR SPARKLE ON over and over too!} And I love that picnic hamper...very sweet.
    I hope your year is full of love and great times.
    Claire x

  2. Happy Birthday! I'll be 31 in three weeks - didn't know our birthdays were so close :)

    Totally impressed that you got a picture of you with your three lovies and *everyone* is looking at the camera!

  3. Happy 31!! You make that number look so good, I'm not even worried about it:)