Monday, June 17, 2013


It's a little crazy to know that we are already three weeks into our summer break. People! It's mid JUNE already! This summer is flying by, and I really don't want it to, considering we just hibernated for the better part of eight months. This was the longest winter of my life, and we were totally robbed of spring. For every nice day we'd have, we were punished with eight more of cold, snow, or rain. I seriously just washed and packed away Nugget's snow pants this weekend. And I'm still not positive it was safe to do so.

Any who, despite the weather, all our school and extra curricular activities came to a close all in the same week, signaling that surely summer was just around the bend.

We first said goodbye to Nugget's second year of dance. With a year of experience and maturity under her belt, this year went much better than the last. We also switched studios which I believe helped tremendously. We're not really in it for the recital, but it seems to be an inescapable crescendo of the dancing season. A year ago, my girl sat on the stage and cried. She wanted nothing to do with it and my heart broke in to a million pieces for her. But this year? Sister ROCKED it. She was the girl the other girls looked at for a clue as to what in the world they should be doing up there on that big stage. My heart was so proud it almost burst. What a difference a year makes.

Back Row L to R: Tori, Bella, Nugget, Kalli
Front Row L to R: Grace, Josie, Ireland, Ellie
Back Stage, before the show...

I'd like to commend whoever came up with the concept of the Friday night "Tot Show". All the youngest dancers perform in only one Friday night show, which was less than two hours long. Bam and done. And we still had our whole weekend ahead of us. Thank you very much.
The week following the dance recital also marked the end of the school year for Nugget's preschool and Dude's ECFE class. They both happened to be on the same day, which normally worked out just fine, except that this day Nugget's class was putting on a little program. So we had to ditch out of Dude's class a bit early, but it was totally worth it.
Doodey's class celebrated with a little outdoor play, which included a sensory table filled with bubbles. He LOVED it. Maybe a little too much. Too much in the sense that I had to borrow a dry shirt since we didn't have time to stop home and change before Nugget's program. But just look at that smile. Totally worth the sopping wet shirt.


We put Nugget in a pre-preschool program this year for many reasons. It has been the best decision we have made yet for her. She absolutely thrived this year, and I am so grateful she gets to spend one more year there, in that sweet little learning community with her teachers and her friends.
Once upon a time (like, a year ago) there was no bribe big enough to get my girl to stand in front of an audience and do something like this. Now look at her. My baby is growing up, and its so awesome to watch her unfold. Also, the confidence that standing next to a favorite friend brings is priceless.

After all that jazz, the kids got to release the butterflies they had been observing for a few weeks. I secretly smile every time Nugget has spied a butterfly since, exclaiming "Mom, I saw the butterfly from my school! How does it know to follow me?!".

As a kindergarten teacher, I've been told many times that I must have a big heart to love on all those little people. But these ladies? Their hearts must be ginormous. They have loved my girl like she was their own, and they have most definitely set her on a path of love and learning.

We've got a very leisurely summer ahead of us. A few structured activities sprinkled here and there, but mostly were just waking up each day and going wherever the wind takes us. I'm sure by September we'll all be itching to get back into a routine, but for now, these slow, easy breezy days are a nice change of pace.

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