Sunday, June 2, 2013


We're coming down from a weekend high, as it was a good one filled with family, laughter, food, sunshine and plenty of activity. Otto was baptized today, thus celebrating him and this milestone is what brought us all together.

We asked Nick's Uncle Jay, who lives in Utah, to be Otto's Godfather. He's also Nick's Godfather, and that just makes it all the more special. He happily accepted the position, and within a day had his travel arrangements booked for the event. It was so fun to have him in our town, share meals with him, and have him accompany us on our weekend outings. The kids totally loved his energy and the fact that he spoiled them rotten with gifts. And I must admit, and extra set of hands was a huge help. Three on three is a good ratio.

 Northfield Farmer's Market.

 After dinner shenanigans.

One thing I will never tire of is dressing Otto in things that were once Milo's. It helps me remember when Milo was that tiny, and I like to ogle over their similarities and differences alike. The baptismal outfit that my boys wore has been worn by all the Bowen boys in my family, starting with my Dad. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on a photo line up of that! I was a little nervous that Otto had outgrown it before he ever got a chance to wear it, but luckily I was able to squeeze him in, with little time to spare.


And just for fun...a side by side comparison of my boys. The two photos were taken two years apart, to the day.

So Otto's special day arrived, and family piled in our tiny little country church to witness and celebrate with us.

 Otto and Father John.

 Daddy, Otto, Mama

 Otto and his Godmother, my sweetest friend Jen.

 Otto and his Godfather, also his Great Uncle, Jay.

Mama, Grandma Sue, Otto, Great Grandma Mary, Aunt Angie.

We had the most beautiful, sunny day, and everyone came over for lunch and visiting favorite part. Otto is sure a lucky little man to be loved by so many!

Happy Baptism Day, my sweet baby boy! May God use you to do many a great things! xo.

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