Thursday, June 21, 2012


Whenever possible, we prefer to walk our errands around town. It's not hard to do when you live just a few blocks off main street. Sometimes when we're getting a little stir crazy, we go just for fun. We walk down one side and back up the other. We're always bound to see something fun, even if it's just a semi truck driving through (Okay, I'm not that hickish, I swear. But kids, especially boys, are always intrigued with large objects.)

Look what the humidity does to her hair! In her words, "crurls!"

Among my girl's favorite places to go are Patty's Place and the post office. Often times i'll skip putting our letters out in the mail box just so Nugget can take them down to the post office and mail them herself. She feels pretty important doing this job, and is pretty dang cute doing it too.

When I look at these photos, I can't help but sing this song in my head:

I'm gonna wrap myself in paper,
I'm gonna daub myself with glue,
Stick some stamps on top of my head;I'm gonna mail myself to you.

I'm  gonna tie me up in a red string,
I'm gonna tie blue ribbons too,
I'm gonna climb up in my mail box;
I'm gonna mail myself to you.

When you see me in your mail box,
Cut the string and let me out;
Wash the glue off my fingers,
Stick some bubble gum in my mouth.

Take me out of my wrapping paper,
Wash the stamps off my head;
Pour me full of ice cream sodies,
Put me in my nice warm bed.

This guy is a total clown, but you can get the melody here.

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  1. i love that you live so close to town! we live about 20-30 minutes from everything we do... so your gas bill is looking a lot prettier than mine. ha! she's gorgeous... love her humidity hair.