Sunday, June 24, 2012


We have happily rolled into summer, and are enjoying our lazy days doing whatever we please. We have had no scheduled activities this month. And while we appreciate routines, it's kind of a nice feeling waking up in the morning and knowing the day is ours to do anything we please.

Our activity of choice? Play outside. While trips to the park and the pool bring lots of fun, we've learned that our backyard is pretty sweet too.

We like to hang out on our deck, drive the cars, swing, and blow bubbles.

We like to check on the garden and see what tasty treats have popped up.

We like to splash in our pool.

I decided the kids needed an upgrade in the pool department, but yikes, it's bigger than I thought! They love it though.

We like to check on  Brother's cherry tree, and taste them even though they are so tart they make us shiver!

These are store bought, but hopefully soon we'll have a bowl full of our own home grown ones.

We like to draw chalk roads on the sidewalk then race down them. And stop to fill up with gas.

We love to eat as many meals as possible outside. The kids think it's great and less clean up for me. Win win.

Well, maybe not so much on that less clean up part.

When we want to stretch our legs further than our own back yard, we often head out for a bike/stroller ride.

Hello summer. You are so, so good. Glad you're here to stay.


  1. So gorgeous!
    This post made me smile! We're in the brunt of winter here in Australia, so seeing your summery goodness made me very happy :)

  2. Your garden is gorgeous. I love ours, but I had no plan so we have one of some plants that we really needed 4 or 5 of and my spacing stinks! I need to have an actual plan next year!