Sunday, June 3, 2012


One year ago I started this sweet little blog. And I'm so glad I did. It took a little gentle nudging and pushing from friends, but I'm so glad that I took the leap and just did it. It has been a great little outlet for me, connecting me with others out there in blog land, giving a home to my photographs, and helping me appreciate all the little in-between moments of life that I stopped to record and remember. My kids will surely thank me some day, I'm just sure of it. And on the odd chance they don't, I'll thank myself. Because life is precious. And important. It passes all too quickly. It doesn't really matter which way you choose to record it, it's just important that you do. My babies will only be little for a little while, and I don't want to miss a thing! I thank all of you who have found our life interesting and keep coming back to read about us. But even if you didn't, I'd still keep this up, cause it's always been for my kids anyways. It's just a bonus when people read it and leave you nice comments :) So, with that said, Happy Birthday my sweet little blog, and cheers to many more years together!

Moving on to Snippets: bits and pieces of our life the past week.

This Saturday was the opening day of the Northfield Farmers Market, one of our favorite summer activities. If you live in the area, you really should go. It's quite awesome.

Doodey loved listening to a little blue grass band!

The first strawberries in our garden were ripe for the picking, and boy were they delicious!

Other things, like lettuce and peonies are popping up too!

I cut some peonies and made a bouquet for our dinning room table, it makes me so happy every time I look at them.

Nick discovered a birds nest in the Clematis growing on the side of our garage. The mama bird sure did not like us peeking in on her babies.

We came back to check on them later in the week and discovered they were gone. Hope we didn't scare them away.

Bye bye birdies.

Our upstairs bathroom is finally starting to resemble a bathroom again. We're getting there, slowly but surely.

While the shower is getting tiled and the floors stripped and refinished, the kids think it's pretty fun to have the bathtub in the bedroom. Makes for a cozy reading spot, don't ya think?

Nugget discovered that she still fits quite nicely in her old crib, even with some room to spare.

We made up a new little snack, and the kids devoured it in minutes. Doodey even finished off sister's bowl and still cried for more! It's pretty simple, add some honey bunny crackers and a sliced banana to a bowl of yogurt (YoBaby/Kids for the littles and Greek yogurt for me).

Not only was this strawberry and feta salad delicious, but I just find it so adorable that Nugget actually likes to eat salads now! She used to not eat 'leaves' but now has decided they are yummy!

Nugget and I gave ourselves at-home manis and pedis this weekend, and it was fun! Nugget insisted on painting her own toes, which to be honest, was a little painful for me. It was a good lesson for me to sit back and marvel in her drive to independence, despite my cringing inside that there was paint all over her tootsies! Oh well, nothing a little polish remover and a q-tip can't fix :) And she was so proud of herself, which makes it all worth it.

One more to end the weekend, just cause it makes me smile. That's all.

Can you believe it's June already? Lots of good stuff coming this month...I turn 30, Nick and I celebrate our five year wedding anniversary, and it's SUMMER! Hope you have a great week!


  1. HaPPy BLogivErsary girlie. Can't believe it's been a year already. Love peeking in with you. The bathroom is coming along great. Can't wait to see the end result.

  2. Oh, how I've missed you and your beautiful pictures!!! That bathroom looks amazing, and I think you may need a new bathtub, because that one looks like it's just perfect for reading stories in!!!