Sunday, June 17, 2012


True story. Brother didn't have a name until he was three hours old. My whole pregnancy Nick and I couldn't agree on a name. He liked one, I liked another, and we really didn't like each other's. And so while he was in utero, we called him Brother.

I really believed that once I saw his little face, the choice of his name would be simple, but there I was, staring at my brand new baby and I still couldn't decide. Nick, so gracious after watching me push a baby out of my lady parts, sweetly told me I could choose. Which is what I secretly hoped he would say all along. But I still wanted to be sure his name was perfect.

So it wasn't until Nick was about to walk the block back to our house to pick up Nugget that I came to a decision. I remember before he left, I said "I know his name now", and proudly told Nick, adding an S onto the end of it to make a compromise with Nick. My name choice, but the added S made it a formal Czech name, to match Nugget's (real name) and Nick's heritage. We were both pleased, and my baby had his name.

Since then, we've called him lots of things, including Brother, Bubs, Buddy, Meatloaf, Meatloash, and most recently Dude, Doodey, and Doodey Bop. And funny thing is, he responds to them all.

It's been 16 months since this little man was born, and oh is he ever so much fun. He packs quite a personality punch in his stout little body, and knows what he likes and wants, for sure.

Language is really starting to click for him, and we are enjoying watching him communicate with us. He is picking up on Baby Sign left and right, and can sign more, all done, eat, drink, Pat-a-Cake, ball, elephant, thank you, dog, and hat.

He also is copying sounds and words, and his first word aside from Dada and Mama is "Ba Ba" which in his world means bubbles.

He loves to read, sing songs, dance, play with Matchbox cars, and watch Dora.

He is one hundred percent boy, and keeps me on my toes. His fearless ways have me on alert at all times, constantly checking to make sure gates are latched and doors are shut, items on counter tops are out of reach. I just said to Nick this morning "I'm sorry I didn't think I could love a boy so much." I was scared when I learned his gender, feared that I didn't know how to raise a boy. But with lots of love and a day at a time, I'm figuring it out.

He's my man's man, but is a softie for his Mama, which makes my heart swoon.

And he totally digs dressing up and having his toe nails painted, which makes him all the more hilarious.

Wanting to see himself in the mirror.

Nick and I talk all the time about having more kids, and although my heart longs for another daughter, I would totally dig having another boy too.

Look who learned to climb (up, but not down).

Doodey is pretty awesome, and I'm so glad he's mine.


  1. kelly had two big sisters so he spent many days dressed up! ha - cute! your boy is such a sweetheart. love this post.

  2. What a sweet little man. I can't believe how big he is getting! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!