Monday, June 25, 2012


Ha. Like my post title? Pretty clever if I do say so myself. This weekend a local organic dairy farm held its annual Milkapalooza event, and of course we jumped all over that band wagon.

The kids got to do a 'milk crawl', where they stopped at different stations, learned a thing or two, sampled goodies and got prizes. Fun.

We got to meet the chickens that lay the eggs we buy...

and get some face time with some furry creatures. Nugget and I are one and the same, we like to look but not touch. Daddy is all hands on, and Doodey is somewhere in between.

He did not like when this lamb licked his hand.

Or when he rode this horse. Poor guy.

After that fun we hopped on a wagon ride out to the pasture.

We learned a little bit about these grass fed cows...

but were mostly weirded out by this guy. One farmer said it had blue pink eye. Poor thing.

We headed back up to the barn where we enjoyed a yummy lunch, checked out a few more exhibits, then headed home for naps.

We are so grateful there are opportunities like this just out our back door.

Moral of the day's events? Eat and buy local, ya'll.


  1. It was fun to see your take on the event. Funny how we're different with the furry critters. :) Dude's face riding the pony... too funny. That cow's eye... too creepy! We didn't see that guy. Glad you had a good time!

  2. HA! Love the pic of your boy on the horse! My two year old loves all things horse...except real horses. We learned that the hard way after paying a pretty penny for him to go for a ride at the Christmas festival we went to last year. He screamed bloody murder!

    Sounds like a great event!

  3. you know i was lovin all over this post. I MISS COWS!!!

  4. how fun is a milkapalooza! ha!! great pics!!

  5. What a fun little event for your family! I love that you guys are always on the go!! Your kids are so lucky:) That cow's eye- GROSS!!!

  6. I just looked this up to see if there was anything like it by us. Do you live in Minnesota? That's where I grew up! My parents just sold our house in the suburbs that I grew up in and moved into downtown. We are headed home for the end of July and I'm excited to get to check out the city!