Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My poor blog has gotten pushed to the wayside. Spring has been calling our names, and we have been outside as much as possible. My evenings have been consumed with my new little business endeavor. It has really taken off, and has been a great outlet for me! We are busy, but busy is good. We like busy.

Nugget's flower: Amy's HomeMaid

Now to get caught up....

My girl is really good at playing by herself. Which makes it easy to get things done, some days. But it also makes for a lot of 'I'll be there in a minute' and 'Let me just do one more thing, then I'll be right there.' I have been working hard at letting the other things slide, and giving her my undivided attention while the not-so-baby is asleep. This day, we played Pretty Pretty Princess.

This is what we say lately to being confined in small spaces together. The house included. Can I get an Amen for Spring?

Has anyone seen my baby?

There he is!

These boots were made for walking, so that's just what she'll do...

Hello? Anyone there?

Having a snack on the kitchen floor...

Brother discovered his tongue, which seems to be abnormally long. Seriously, the kid can touch it to his chin. Yikes!

We painted rainbow nails, which were just the pop of color we were craving this time of year...

But then it was her turn to paint mine. She's got potential, no?


Finally cashed in a Christmas gift and went to Let's Dish! So nice to have some go-to meals on hand...

His and Hers...(coffee and Cherry Coke)

And finally, we get to play outside!!! (and without four layers of winter clothes!)

What have you been up to lately?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. such cuties! you included! : ) i too, am so happy it's spring. kids need to be outside! the hairclip in Nugget's hair is my favorite one ever. Sage and i both share it. i think at least one of us wears it every day.

  2. Yay for spring and warm weather! Tell us more about Let's Dish! Sounds very interesting!! I'm loving Nugget's pretty fingers- and I used to love the game Pretty, Pretty Princess. I think our little princess may need that one someday:)

  3. Your kids are completely gorgeous!

  4. They're so big!! Great photos :) let's get together SOON!

  5. So fun to feel some spring weather! Brother is such a handsome little man! :)