Friday, March 16, 2012


Someone found some confidence. Look who's on the move...

Brother's been cruising around furniture since he was nine months old. I thought for sure we were going to have an early walker. But I was proven again that babies march to the beat of their own drum, and he was the only one who would decide when he was ready.

Apparently yesterday was the day. He steadied himself on those wobbly sea legs and set sail. Repeatedly. With each successful bout, we clapped and cheered, whopped and hollered, and smooched him all over. Cause first steps are something to celebrate.

This morning he resumed his drunken sailor bit, but by afternoon the confidence was back and he was all over the place. When my sister and her family came over for dinner, he really showed off. Walking all over, zigging and zagging, and laughing the whole time. Brother's proud too. And rightly so.

He does however still rely quite a bit on his trusty crawling skills. And also this scoot, drag, repeat concoction which he saves for when he needs to carry important things, like a book or his blankie. But I'm guessing we'll see less and less of these modes of transportation over the next few weeks.

We had a taste of summer today, and there best not be going any back. I think I would go in to a downward spiral if we were to be hit with a snow storm anytime soon. We've been living outside this week, and man, has it been grand.

Brother's first steps are coming at the perfect time, right when a whole new world of outdoor exploration and possibilities are opening up before him.

Summer is gonna be so good. I can already taste it.


  1. I was just up blogging myself :) LOVE the photos...and his shirt! So big!

  2. gosh he is so cute. and i love his onesie! being one is so fun!

  3. Thanks girls. I forgot to add the disclaimer to pardon his filth. Boys + outside = dirty.

  4. I saw so filth, just complete cuteness:) Way to go, Brother!!!

  5. Love his little shirt. Can't believe steps already. Perfect timing.

  6. Love that onsesie on him! yay, for first steps!!

  7. gosh. your kids are just as gorgeous as always. love them. and the baby hair. and little head cocked to the side.