Sunday, March 25, 2012


Nick and I attended a wedding last night. Which means we had a babysitter. For eight hours. It was awesome.

Things around here have been so busy lately. I am juggling many different things on my plate as of late, and this is the season where Nick's business really picks up. Even more from where it's already been. Some days it feels like I am a single mother. And some days it just feels like we're tag teaming all day. Needless to say its exhausting. Good. But exhausting.

The wedding last night was beautiful. It always chokes me up a little bit to see two souls so in love. So happy. So in awe about what the future holds. But two things happened yesterday that pain me. One....I forgot to have someone take a picture of Nick and I. It takes a small miracle, like a wedding, to lure me out of my yoga pants. Last night I rocked a new dress, and my man cleaned up pretty nice too. If only I had a picture to prove it. Bummer. And two...I was talking to a friend I haven't seen in a long while, and we had a conversation that went something like this (in short)...

Her: Hi! It's so good to see you!
Me: You too! Congrats on your engagement!
Her: I love keeping up with you guys on your blog....but you don't really keep that up anymore, do you?
Me: ...I've been busy.

PAINS me, I tell you. I love this little blog here. And yes, it has really been neglected! Any of my free time lately has been put into my new business venture, and finishing up the last of my CEU's in order to renew my teaching license this June.

I always mean to blog. Want to blog. Truly, I do. But somehow that 'free' time just gets away from me, leaving lots to be desired.

So, in a short little recap, here's what we've been enjoying lately...

Enjoying...pillow piles and reading. eyes (and apparently over exposure).

Enjoying...digging for treasures (most likely snacks) in the diaper bag. class. Sort of. Sister hates 'Parent Watch Week' and refuses to participate. Should make for a fun recital, eh?

Enjoying...Nana (Nick's grandma). She visited MN for three weeks and we were blessed to spend lots of time with her. I adore her. She makes us all feel so special. And showers us with fun adventures and yummy food. She's got quite a bit of kick for a woman in her late seventies.



Enjoying...swimming at a hotel with friends. Well, Nugget loved it. Brother, not so much.

Enjoying...rope swings.

Enjoying...hikes at tucked away county parks. shadows.

Enjoying...haircuts. Aww, who am I kidding?

Enjoying...last, but never least, Nugget smiles.

Thanks for holding me accountable to stay on top of blogging. Yell at me if I let it slide again.

 Hope you have a fabulous week!


  1. Love your header.I was wondering where you've been. Blogging isn't very important. Living is. You never have to explain an absence.

  2. Glad your back! Life is busy... you should have no guilt! I love the updates of your beautiful kids! Wish you had a picture of you and your hubby all dressed up looking good- who am I kidding- you always look good! Miss you:)

  3. such cuteness. even though nugget is shy, her sweet little self will look cute during recital even so! i remember freezing up at ballet when i was 5. i feel for her! : ) glad you are enjoying your pretty business... happy your busy with that!

  4. I love it! You gave me great ideas like a pillow reading party for rainy days, and encouragement to do more hiking with the kids. Which park did you explore? Looks like one we'd enjoy. I'm glad for a little update on your family. We'll need to schedule a girls' night out again soon.