Thursday, December 12, 2013


I don't know how this is even possible, but my baby girl has lost her first tooth. It hit me smack dab in the face leaving me stunned for a few moments, but then my Mama heart was so full with seeing her joy that it almost burst. Here's how it went down.


Nugget hops in the van from the pick up line at preschool and says "Mom. Today for snack we had the pretzels you brought in. And when I was eating them I bit down and said 'Oww!' and my tooth was loose!"

And I'm thinking OMG! Really?! She had been complaining of her tooth hurting a few days ago. I made a note to make an appointment with the dentist but had forgot. I was thinking she may have a cavity, not on the verge of loosing her first tooth! So I asked her to show me her so-called loose tooth, and sure enough, there it was wiggling around before my very own eyes. I got all excited and started hyping it up, but she was yet to be sold.

Over lunch and through the afternoon, she quickly moved from "this might hurt" to "this is going to be awesome". She wiggled that thing the whole live long day, often times stopping to check it out in the mirror.

I of course, grabbed the camera so that I can remember her little chicklet toothed smile forever.


We had talked a bit about how the tooth process worked, that it could happen soon or take a few days. She even let me check its wiggle status a few times. I knew it was going to happen soon, so I was prepared ;)

That afternoon, the constant playing with the tooth was starting to get to her. She was afraid to eat for 1) that it would hurt, and 2) that she would swallow her tooth. I asked her if I could pull it out and she said yes! (Seriously, was this my child?!). I used a kleenex to attempt to get a grip on that tiny little thing and I gave it a few unsuccessful tugs before she'd had enough. I told her it just needed more time and to try to be patient. She went upstairs and used the bathroom. When she came back down she said "Mom, I want it out."

Okay Sister. If you insist. With only one swift tug this time I had that baby out and wrapped safely in the kleenex. She didn't even know I had gotten it out! Once she realized she was ecstatic and kept slipping her tongue into that now empty spot.

Come bedtime we whipped up a quick tooth pocket for her to leave it in for the Tooth Fairy. Seriously, that thing was so itty bitty, we were afraid it would get lost!

She drifted right to sleep and was pleased as punch to find a pack of gum, a special sparkly fairy dollar and a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony in its place the next morning! She's got one awesome tooth fairy!

Now my baby girl looks at least two years older, and I've placed another Mama badge on my sash.


  1. She is SOOO much braver than I was! Congrats big girl! ...and Mama :-)

  2. Oh my goodness!! They grow up so fast!! Way to be on top of everything, Mama!

  3. All she wants for Christmas is her one front tooth? Very cute! You are brave. Not sure I could take that out. Good job, Mama!

  4. She is so darn cute! What a precious moment.