Sunday, December 15, 2013


We have many holiday traditions that we carry out year to year, and one of them for the past few years has been visiting the 8th floor Christmas display at the downtown Macy's. When I was a kid, the theme changed every year. I only remember going once or twice, but it was always magical. But for whatever reason, Macy's has been stuck on "A Day in the Life of an Elf" for what seems like years on end. Can someone please tell me why? It's always a good time, but this year I was itching to do something a little different. And Disney on Ice was just the ticket.

We sprung it on the kids the day of, just to increase the specialness factor ;) And of course I took that as an opportunity to whip them up some completely unnecessary but oh-so-adorable matching shirts. Thanks to my pal Jen for hooking me up with the coordinating fabrics. She saved me at least an hour of wandering around the fabric store trying to do it myself, with three restless kids in tow.

Nugget requested a bow on hers, so we added this pretty sparkly one, although it didn't fare to well in the wash. Oh well, it served its purpose.

I was also thinking ahead when I stumbled upon these little light up-snow blowing-thingamajigs at Walgreens for $5. I knew something similar would set me back at least $20 a pop at the show. I also brought along the kids' stuffed Mickey and Minnie from a trip to Disney Land a few years back. Because all Moms know one more stuffed animal is JUST what you need lying around your house. I do admit however, that I paid $12 (!) for a bag of popcorn at the show. But it kept every one's munchies at bay so it was worthwhile.

Oh! And the Minnie ears were a recent birthday party favor. Score!

Our seats were great, the kids could see clearly, and we all enjoyed the show! Otto was a little squirmy but that's to be expected.

Her fave: The Little Mermaid. (Duh!)

His fave: Peter Pan!

Perhaps next year we'll revisit Macy's. Maybe we'll find a new adventure. I guess it doesn't really matter, as long as we're together making memories.


We capped off the fun with dinner at Macaroni Grill, and it was a happy day indeed.


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  1. So cute! I can't wait to start more traditions like this with my family.

    And, the whole Macy's thing... so frustrating, I agree.