Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This pregnancy is swimming along smoothly. I feel very at peace with this one. I was so anxious with my other two, wanting them to arrive sooner than I knew was healthy for them. I couldn't wait to become a mom, watch my family grow, and finally see who they were!

I feel all those same things with this baby, I just don't feel the urge to have it right now. My days are a little chaotic at times, and I know it's not going to slow down once baby arrives. I also know that once baby is here, I will look back at this day and think it was calm.

If anything, I am trying to practice patience and drink in these days as slowly as I can. Trying to relish in the days that Dude is my baby. He is such a happy kid and its so easy to love him up. I hope that doesn't change when another one is demanding most of my attention. I think he'll take it the same way he takes life in general, very laid back and happy.

I hope my girl loves the baby a whole bunch, whether it comes out boy or girl. (She's really hoping for a girl.) Maybe a new baby will help her solidify her role in our family...big girl and Mommy's helper. Lord knows I'm going to need one.

The nesting urges are nudging at me, and I like it. I like cleaning and organizing and purging. I like staring longingly at itty bitty baby clothes and tucking them away in drawers. I love late nights of searching Etsy and Pinterest for baby hats and newborn photo shoot ideas.

It's hard to believe that in four short months my heart will grow even bigger than I knew it could.

Also, I think we're getting a mini van, and i'm really excited about it. Nick and I were both very anti-minivan and pro-Suburban, until about, oh, this past Sunday. We spent the better part of an hour in our driveway shimmying three carseats around my SUV trying to make it work before concluding that it just wasn't going to. At least not without being a pain in the a**. So we went and test drove a mini van last night and both agreed we hadn't given it enough credit. Sure, it's a bit like sticking your tail between your legs and swallowing a bit of pride, but when it makes sense for your growing family, it just makes sense. No arguing that.

That's all. Just a little Tuesday ramblings. Happy day.

* Photos taken in North Captiva Island, FL by my wonderful husband. xo


  1. Those are beautiful photos. That's all.

    Oh, and I resist the minivan too, but I have a feeling I'll eventually be singing it's praises.

  2. beautiful pics, girl! you are a gorgeous pregnant mama :)

  3. You look so cute pregnant. That has to help with the patience a bit;) A mini van was really nice when the girls were little. Just have to do it for a bit...not forever.

  4. You look gorgeous. Love these shots. Love this post.

  5. Beautiful pictures! We caved and went with a mini-van years ago and I'm in love. Though hubby would prefer a SUV, the sliding doors have saved many a car's paint and is good for my blood pressure:) Have a nice weekend.