Thursday, November 1, 2012


The kids and I got out for a walk today. We even played at the park. It was awesome. But it made me sad that fall is passing so quickly and our days of playing outside are numbered. I don't like being cold. So I tend not to take my kids outside much in it. Shameful. I really should because what a difference fresh air makes. They were calm tonight. Happy and agreeable and played so nicely. I was hearing yawns before 7pm, and they were ready to get cozy in their beds. Fresh air will do that to you. And Halloween.

So with my babies tucked in snug as bugs in rugs, I'm reflecting on Fall tonight. I hardly blogged any of it, as I've been focusing on sharing our vacation pictures. But tonight's my night to dump them all on here. So enjoy ;)

The tree across the street from our house is the most gorgeous one I know. I see it from my windows every day and I love it. It drops its leaves early, and plenty of' em. We like to play in them.

Daddy raked up all the leaves in our yard. We didn't even help him. Sorry about that Daddy. I think we intended too, but then it must have been cold or during nap time or something. But he left one pile for the kids to jump in. They loved it.

We only enjoyed them one night, and then it rained for like a week straight. And mom's don't want their kids jumping in soggy, wet leaves, so Daddy scooped 'em up and hauled them to our local yard waste facility.

We missed the "fun" weekends at the Pumpkin Patch. You know, the ones full of games and hay wagon rides. But that's okay because we were having our own fun in Florida. We did still did go on just a regular day. It was chilly and we didn't stay long, but the kids had fun running in and out of rows of pumpkins, choosing just the right ones to represent our family.

I was so happy to be home for Halloween this year. We'd only taken Nugget out trick-or-treating once before, and I was really excited to reinstate the tradition. We also had some fun, kid-friendly events and parties to go to this year, so the kids had ample opportunity to wear their costumes. Yay!

Let me introduce to you my little Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. I made their costumes this year, and I am so glad I did. I'll admit I wanted to throw in the towel when I saw a Tinkerbell dress on clearance at Target for $15...oh, how much easier it would have been. But I was committed, and I am happy I stuck it out. For my limited costume making skills, I am very pleased with how they turned out!

Among some of our festivities this year were the annual Halloween party put on by our Early Childhood program, and Nugget's preschool party. What fun!


Look! Daddy dressed as a, wait. Nevermind ;)


We carved pumpkins this year, like we do every year, but I'm ashamed to admit that none of us were that into it. It's a lot of work, very little of which the kids can do themselves. I think we'll try painting them next year.

*Disclaimer: My girl hates to wear clothes. We're used to it so it doesn't even phase us anymore.

I didn't even take a picture of the final product, or even put candles in them last night. That's how shameful and uncreative we were this year. Boo.

And lastly, we ended all this fall fun with trick(and trunk)-or-treating last night. The kids lasted about an hour, just enough time to rake in a good haul and call it a night.

Whew. Maybe Fall didn't go by so fast after all. I guess we did manage to pack it full of fun. On that note, I'm counting my blessings tonight and heading to bed.

Happy Fall, y'all.

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  1. happy happy fall photos!!! i love that little pumpkin patch! how fun...i hope you swiped that little log table and chairs before you left ;) just kidding...i do not condone theivery.

    also, can i ask you a slightly creepy question? you live close to mpls, right? just wondering how how far out are y'all? just wondering...we spent a lot of time in the cities when we lived in so dak. and have family that lives right in mpls.