Thursday, October 18, 2012


We softened the blow of our vacation coming to an end by having our 20 week ultrasound this week. Baby cooperated well and is growing great. I want to know though how something that is only measuring in at 13 ounces can cause me to feel ginormous and not be able to wear anything that isn't stretchy? I thought it'd be at least a pound or two by now. Ha.

And I know I surprised many of you by not finding out the baby's gender. It's good to know that my friends know me so well that they are blown away by this act of patience. It really is just that since we already have one of each, I don't have much to prepare. And mostly, it's a fun challenge to see if I can really hold out. I guess there's no turning back now.

Neither Nick nor I have strong feelings either way on the baby's gender. Sometimes in my dreams it's a girl, and other times it's a boy. I really have no clue. I can no longer use the height of my nausea as a gender indicator, as is has been proven that I get sick with both girl and boy babies. But just for fun, we made the same bet as we did with Dude. Loser has to plan a date for the winner, all activities that the other will enjoy. This time I picked boy and Nick picked girl. Last time I picked girl and lost, which meant I had to take Nick on a date that included a Summit Brewery tour and lunch at Broder's, a super yummy Italian deli downtown.

In time we will know. For now, I'm enjoying the suspense. And these sweet little pictures.

 What do you think the gender of Baby Tres is?


  1. oh girl this is so exciting. i was one of those that just HAD to know. i'm not sure who your sweetie is. how exciting to just wait for that surprise on that big day:)

  2. that is so amazing! you're only a few weeks ahead of me and i can't imagine my little peanut looks like that! it has a FACE!! so cool!

    we won't find out either. never have. this one's no different. there's so few surprises in life. i want a big ol' firework moment when i'm done with all that labor!! :)

  3. My gut says boy :) we'll see! I was wrong about my own baby but I'm 4 for 4 on guessing friends haha