Sunday, July 29, 2012


Bits and pieces of July, documented with Instagram....

 Sister rocks some curl.

Dude does not dig the car wash.

 Snack time.

 Self feeding. Surprisingly clean.

Tired girl naps, but only in the car.

Barnes and Noble afternoon.

I do not like it Sam I Am.

 Pan-O-Prog car cruise.


Flea Market fun.

Swimming lessons.

 Sister takes a selfy.

Ballerina practice.

Neighbors = friends.

We eat our cones from the bottom up, how about you?
PS...Lots of you have asked, so here's an update regarding my missing pictures dilema. Unfortunately, there is no 1-800-Google to call or no one standing by and jumping at the chance to restore my photos. Based upon a slew of comments on the Blogger/Google forum, this is an unfortunate problem that has affected many, and none have been restorable. It will be a painful process and take oodles of time, but I have decided to re-upload my pics to each individual post, and restore them myself, one by one. And you can bet your marbles that once I have that completed, I WILL be printing this into a hard copy, and I will never take this blog forgranted again. Lesson learned.


  1. i love following your pretty fam on ig!! : )

    ugh... i'm so bummed for you. i really never even thought that could possible happen. all along i think i'm documenting it so that i don't lose it. i better look into printing it. thanks for the update. i wish there was an easier solution! i wonder what all blogs affected had in common? interesting.

  2. :( So sad about your pictures. Yes, get it into a book a.s.ap.! By the way, did you know there is a site that you can print your instagram pics into magnets? I friend just did it and they're adorable! I will find out the name for you!

  3. I love in the 5th photo - she's still gripping her notebooks while napping :)))))
    Good on you with the humungous task of restoring & uploading all your pics again! Sometimes technology SUCKS!!!!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry about you losing all your photos, you are the second person that I've read that they deleted pics from their smart phone and poof all their photos disappeared. There should be a warning some place. What I have done is have a back-up blog at wordpress. Every post I post on google I copy and paste on wordpress, but the wordpress is private so I don't have two blogs floating around.
    I plan to some day as well print my blog but that will be many moons from now, when I'm a grandma =) I just keep praying that nothing happens till then but now I'm wondering....
    Love the photos of your children, very adorable.

  5. Hi! I'm Katie (friend of Jen) who likes to read your blog:) I've been wanting to print mine for awhile and am planning to do it soon now since reading about your experience, sorry:(
    Where are you going to print yours? Any good suggestions?

  6. I spent practically a whole day trying to figure out how to print it. Used blurb and blog to print...never worked. So I think I'm manually going to pick through all my posts one by one and print them and manually have them bound. Geesh! May take me a million years though.

  7. Oh becky told me about your pictures... I am SO SORRY about that. Love the darling ballet shot by the way... totally miss those days~