Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Holy Hannah, have I seriously not blogged in almost a month? Shame on me.

Just have a short one to share tonight. A few weeks back, I took the kids raspberry picking. I was having a down in the dumps morning and needed to get out of the house. For every one's sanity. I scrolled through our summer fun list and settled upon raspberry picking. It was a wise choice.

The kids loved it. Well, for the first twenty minutes or so. Then their bellies got full, they got hot, and ultimately lost interest.

Doodey loved it. It was a perfect activity for him as the raspberries were right at his level and he could pull them off easily. And when he couldn't, he just bent down to the branch and ate it right off. Clever.

Sister was more interested in me filling up the cups, then her running over to the box and dumping them out. Whatever works.

We still managed to pick and bring home a few pounds, and definitely ate our fair share while out in the fields.

Sadly though, the raspberries got mushy pretty quickly at home, so I threw them in the freezer and have yet to do anything with them. Anyone have any recipes for me? I'd love for you to share if you do :)


  1. I love how O's dress looks like the fabric Meg has been oogling over lately! :) And M is such a smarty pants to eat the berries right off the branch! When we throw raspberries in the freezer I love just pulling them out to put on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, or in smoothies in the winter. A nice summery treat!

  2. i love brother's hat and sis's dress. such cuties!! we've never picked anything. how sad! there isn't much around here that doesn't get scorched by the sun. make raspberry jam! i don't have a recipe, but you can't go wrong with that!

  3. Cobbler! Smoothies! Oh the options... Can't believe your little is that big! We've never been raspberry picking. Bet you had stained fingers.