Monday, July 23, 2012


Earlier this month Nugget took swimming lessons at the local pool. I didn't really have that high of expectaitons as it cost me all of $35 and is run by a bunch of high schoolers. But for what it was worth, she definately walked away with some new confidence, a handful of skills, and a whole lotta days splashing and having fun in the pool. We'll hit it a little harder next year, but for now I just wanted her to become comfortable in the water, and with that i'd say we were pretty darn successful.

She's not afraid to spalsh around in the kiddie pool, put her face in and blow bubbles, and sorta do front and back floats (if you call having your arms touch the bottom of the pool and not really dunking your whole head in a 'float', ha).

She's never been afraid to jump off the side of a pool into someone's arms, and she accepted the challenge of jumping off the diving board without so much as a wince. Well, there was the "Mama, I have to go potty!" right before it was her turn, every time, but she must just have a nervous bladder :)

The skill that i'm most proud of is that she learned how to "scoop and kick" (aka doggy paddle) while wearing a life jacket in deep water. It makes me a lot less nervous around water to know that she knows what to do and how to move herself to safety if need be.

So way to go Nugget. I'm all kinds of proud of you, my lil' fishy.

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