Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've learned a very valuable lesson today, unfortunately a little too late. While in an attempt to clean out some storage space on my smart phone (which I am apparently still learning), I uploaded pics to my computer and then deleted them from my phone. Little did I know that in doing so, it is all somehow linked in cyber world, and ended up wiping out ALL my photos on my blog.

Now I'm left with a picture-less blog. And gigantic black boxes where all my precious photos used to be. I mean, I still have them all in my photo archives, and backed up on cds, but there is really no easy way to restore them to my blog.

My heart has dropped to the bottom of my toes.

So, what does this mean?

1. Well, my blog is still here, so that's good. I can just pick up the pieces, and move forward, continue upwards and onwards.

2. I could say to heck with it all, write a final post, and kiss this all goodbye.

or 3. I can back track through 154 posts, dig through file upon file, and try to recreate what once was. That will take some time. A lot of time. Pain staking time.

I'm wrestling somewhere between options 1 and 3 right now. I really wish I would have already printed this blog into a hard copy at some point, because that is really my ultimate goal of this whole thing. If I knew that there was something concrete to hand my kids someday, I'd just pick up the pieces and move forward.

But unfortunately, I haven't done that yet. And although my words are all there, the photos aren't, and well, that just leaves our stories unfinished.

So, yeah. I learned a lesson today. And it was an expensive one. Ugh.


  1. I am soooo sorry that happened!!!! I have been checking and checking looking for you, and then I noticed the black boxes. I was just about to e-mail you or call you and ask what was going on and then I read it. I say go with a combination of 1 and 3. Continue on, and as you have time, fill in the pieces. For as organized as you are with your picture, it won't take you forever. Your words are beautiful, don't throw it all away. And, as long as we are talking about publishing- what do you know about it? Also, as I look back at my earlier posts, my pictures and words are all mixed up- do you have any idea how to fix that?? Good luck, my friend!!!

  2. And...why are your pictures still showing up in linkwithin, but not in the actual posts?!? I wish I was more technology savy!!!

  3. I'm SO sorry! That is awful!

    Maybe you could call Blogger and see if there is a restore option.

  4. this is terrible! maybe you can try buying more space from google. i had to do that several months ago (i think it was $5 for a huge amount). google "how to buy more space in picasa for blogger" (or something like that). it might not help, but it could be the problem. i hope there is an easy solution.

  5. Oh heck! I don't quite understand how all of this happened?!?! The big black ugly boxes were photos used to be.... How sad.

    BUT! Like you said, you still have the photos, just need to slowly get them back in their positions.

  6. aaaaa!!! this is NOT GOOD!! do what carissa said..maybe that's the problem. i had to buy space too. sometimes blogger is just dumb and it eventually figures itself out. sorry :-/

  7. Ok, Amy- I realized why the post on my blog is missing the photos. Yesterday I ran out of space to upload, so I went into my Picasa account, and deleted some old photos!!!! Not Smart!!!! The photos I deleted are the ones that are now missing in my post! You may have wiped out your Picasa account as you were cleaning up your photos! I'm wondering if there's an easy fix to get them all back in, or if we need to do it one by one?? Fingers crossed that something easy works out for you!- On the bright side, I get to see your beautiful face tomorrow and I can't wait!!!!

  8. OH MY WORD! I would DIE! Like DIE DIE DIE! You are handling this really well. Just take a deep breath. I'm sure somehow it can get fixed. Now I'm off to PRINT my blog before it disappears!!!

  9. Yuck. That stinks. I agree that there must be an easier solution that maybe blogger can help you with. Hope it's an easy fix for you! I always look forward to your posts (words and pictures)! At least there's always instagram in the meantime! :)

  10. Been there...done that. So painful, I know.

  11. OMG! I just shed a tear for you! I know how much time, effort & love is invested into a personal blog and to have all the visuals GONE is just plain ole heart breaking! I am so sorry to read this Amy :( SURELY...someone knows how this can be fixed without you having to do each post one at a time?! Are you photos hosted in an outside source? {like photobucket} or are they uploaded straight to blogger? Ugh! I feel sick for you!
    Your blog is still delightful though! Hang in there :) Keep writing & taking photos xx