Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Wow, seven months. I seriously feel like I was just sitting here writing his sixth month post. Another month has flown by, and in just a few short weeks we have seen a lot of changes in our little man.

To name a few...

*He is sleeping through the night! And we're talking 7pm-5:30am. I swear, he came home from his six month doctor appointment and started doing it that night. He must have heard the doctor telling me to let him cry it out, because rather than put me through that turmoil, he decided to do it all on his own! It sure feels good to sleep again...

*He has two teeth! His bottom right poked through first, then two days later his top left showed up. I joke that he will be our little jack-o-lantern for Halloween. That is unless he gets even more in the next six weeks, which is very possible. He weathered them well, I didn't even know he was teething until I spied the little white spot on his gums.

*He can go from his tummy to sitting up all by himself. From sitting he can get on all fours and rock back and forth. He will be crawling any day now. He'll reach for a toy and try to move forward, but ultimately falls back to his belly or does a nose dive, neither of which he minds.

*He can roll and scoot himself pretty much anywhere. However, he gets sad if he gets his legs stuck under the couch or bonks his head on the wood floors.

*LOVES to eat baby food. We've added to his menu choices, but he still prefers vegetables over fruit. In fact, he gags when I feed him bananas and apricots. If I mix them in with his cereal, he does a little better.
He is feeding himself 'Puffs' and is getting quite efficient at it.

*He lights up when he sees his sister. If I get him up in the morning first, he knows to tap his hand on her door like he's knocking, and then he gets all excited, flapping his arms and legs in anticipation of being reunited with her after a long night's rest.

*He is just such a happy baby and follows a pretty simple, predictable routine. All his problems can be solved with his nuk, blankie, and snuggles from Mama.

Alright, here comes the seven month cuteness....

His hair is so long when it's wet after a bath, that I usually have to do a sweet comb over or this stylish mohawk.

This is how I am greeted when I go in to get him from his slumber.
This was taken a few weeks ago, lately he's sitting up, smiling at me.

My precious view when I peek into the crib.

Helping Mama fold laundry.

Sweet slumber.

Blowing bubbles and playing with one of his favorites, the wipe box.

I love this series of pictures...the beginning stages of his crawling.
Alright, I'm gonna do this...

Oh my goodness, this is hard work!

I give up.

He is such a happy little man, and we're so glad he's ours. 


  1. wow! seems like yesterday we were both sitting up at Chameleon counting down the days until we would meet these little punkins....he's a keeper, Amy. i am jealous that you're sleeping through the night....happy for you, but still a little jealous. :)