Friday, September 12, 2014


I've been anxiously wanting to blog about Orelia's sixth birthday party, but our new fall routines are proving to keep us pretty busy. We're getting in the swing of things-with a handful of days of Kindergarten under our belt, along with preschool, ECFE, gymnastics and dance. I know we'll find our new grove soon. But I'm finally able to carve out some time to share my girl's very special birthday celebration.

We started with the theme of a secret garden, steered a bit towards fairies, and alas, mixed the two and settled upon an enchanted garden party. Our new farm was the perfect setting, we just needed to provide the magic.

Celebrating my girl, the day she was born, and the day I became a Mama is pretty special to me. I think this day really captured her magic of being six. It was so "her", which made my heart happy.

She enjoyed planning and creating right alongside me this year, and I think that's the part I love the most.

I shared with the girls a little about the magic of fairies, how to spot a fairy house, and how we have to be so quiet as to not disturb them. I love watching the magic unfold in their little eyes.

We had a little fairy hunt:

And made houses for the real fairies (who we hope will visit us!):

We ate a homemade strawberry cake, which was delicious (minus its slightly wonky appearance):

We opened presents of course:

And parted with fairy treasures:

We played hard, and had some surprise visitors:

And went home with full and happy hearts. Here's to a new year of love and learning, and the magic of being 6!


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  1. SO perfect, Amy!! All the little details are amazing! and it was at the farm....yay!!! :)