Saturday, October 4, 2014


Well, my Nugget girl has a month of school under her belt now, and things are going pretty smoothly. We miss her terribly while she's away, but that just makes our time together all the more sweet. She loves school though, and that really makes things so much easier.

School Spirit Day

My boys have also went and gotten big on me, and they have both started school as well. Milo has started preschool, and Otto and I go to ECFE together weekly. This time is so tender and precious, and is some of my favorite of their littleness.

Milo was very reluctant to start school, as he really wanted to go back to ECFE with his beloved teacher Miss Britt. His first morning of preschool was pretty rough, despite it being the same program Orelia had been in for the previous two years.

I really was not prepared for the tough separation, as he is usually so go with the flow. But yet again, I had to leave another one of my babies behind, kicking and screaming, and of course I was fighting back the tears as I walked away. Again, I was humbled by the support of his teachers, and I got a phone call just a few minutes later that he was happy and playing with dinosaurs. Another mom shared this photo with me, and I love it.

When it was time for pick up, I spied my little man at the back of the line. He was so serious until he spied me back. Then he couldn't wait to show and tell me all about his day!

He now asks every day "Do I have school this year?", which really means does he have school that day :) He'd go everyday if he could.

Otto was the easiest one to bring to school, probably because we stay together for the most part :)

We walked into his classroom and his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. So much to explore and discover! ECFE is my absolute favorite, and this year is the seventh consecutive year that I have been bringing my babies there. When one graduates out, its time to bring the next one in :)

Here's to my big girl, my big boys, and a year of learning and growing!

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