Sunday, August 17, 2014


A friend recently reminded me how much little time is remaining of our summer days. School starts in two short weeks, and I am determined to get that Summer Fun list checked off (plus adding in a few more!). As a wise blogger, Kelle Hampton, likes to call it, we're sucking the marrow out of life.

Last week we took a day to trip to Stillwater, a little over an hours drive. I wished Nick could have been along for the adventure, but if we waited until we had a free weekend day, well, we'd never get there.

The big kids both agreed that their most favorite part of the day was watching the lift bridge rise, allowing large boats to pass underneath. By the time we left, they were experts about what the bells and honks were signaling. Two bells rang when traffic was to stop and the bridge went up. Boats honked twice once they safely passed underneath as if to say thank you, followed by two more bells to signal that the bridge was back down and traffic could resume. Such a well oiled operation. However, Nugget did not want to cross the bridge and walk over to Wisconsin, for fear she'd get stuck while it was going up. In the eyes of an almost six year old, yes, that's very logical.

After boat/bridge watching and a picnic lunch, we hiked up a steep hill (seriously, they are everywhere in this town!) and played at the Teddy Bear Park. It was very hot and crowded, so we didn't last all that long.

 Only two more weeks of being 5!
The kids tolerated me slipping into a handful of quaint shops, and by tolerate, I mean I had to bribe them with a sucker from the sweet shop. And also ice cream. But whatever, cause that's what summer days are made of, right?

I could have spent all day there, there was so much more to explore. But nap time was approaching and that's a risky gamble. They ALL fell asleep on the ride home, which happens never. So I'll consider the day a success.


  1. Busy parks with three kids is one of my greatest fears! I don't blame you for hi-tailing it out of there! :)

  2. What a fun day! You really are such a fun mom. And what a beautiful place to go. Enjoy these last sweet days of summer, my friend.