Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I first saw this project a couple years ago on Meg's blog, and then was reminded of it again this summer through my friend Alicia's blog. And while we didn't reinvent the wheel or anything, it was a project that both the kids and I enjoyed making, and thought perhaps you might too.

We started by painting a blank canvas. No particular size, I just used what we had in our art cabinet. I think they were 11x14.

We gave it a good coat of acrylic paint, making sure to get the outside border too. While that dried, we painted any way we pleased on pieces of cardstock. (I think we were supposed to use watercolors for this part, but we used the acrylic paint we already had out and it was just fine.)

Once that part was dry, we made the butterflies using a paper punch like this one (click here). We borrowed ours from a friend, but you can find them at JoAnn's in the Martha Stewart line.

Alicia used a low temp glue gun and let her kids glue down their own butterflies, but I don't have one of those. Since my kids are still little, I manned the hot glue gun, and guided the kids safely in securing their butterflies on the canvas.

They put them anywhere and everywhere to their liking, and I love their imperfect perfection.

And there you go! Some super simple, yet sweet, summer butterfly art!

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