Monday, August 18, 2014


This weekend was plum full of fun, and since I seem to be overly sentimental about sending my first child of to Kindergarten, I want to squeeze every last breath out of summer and carry the memories in my heart forever.

Friday night Orelia and I got fancy, stayed up waaay past her bedtime, and went on girl's date to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater, where we saw the play The Little Mermaid. And let me just tell you that it was phenomenal! I had heard it was good, but no one said just how good it was. I've had a mermaid loving girl for four years now, and it was perfect in every way. Well, our seats could have been a tad better....but if they had been, we wouldn't have been sitting by a stage exit door, where countless characters ran to and from, giving us a close up view! One seahorse even gave Orelia his maraca to play during Under the Sea. She was over the moon. At one point she ever turned to me and shrieked "This just keeps getting better and better!". My heart exploded. (Disclaimer to Milo: I wanted to bring you too buddy, but you had to be at least five years old. Next time.)

 Saturday led Orelia and I to volunteer some time to Feed My Starving Children with a group of friends from ECFE. It was a very humbling experience to prepare and pack food that will make its way to Haiti to provide 25, 056 meals for 69 children for a year. (Which still is only one meal per day per child.) As I worry about sending my girl off to school, other Mamas worry about feeding their children. I don't take this life for granted.

The packs consisted of a scoop of powdered vitamins, one scoop of dried vegetables, a cup full of soy protein, and another cup of rice.

This is what it looks like prepared. We even got to try it. Again, very humbling.

After our time volunteering, we headed over to a pool party with our friends, stopping first to grab Daddy and the brothers (because again, you had to be five years or older).

We settled Sunday by visiting with some friends over lunch, then headed to the farm to play, mow, and catch frogs! Whew. It was all so exhausting, but so very good.

Long live summer!!!

All in favor say "I"!


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