Thursday, January 24, 2013


Nugget is totally loving any books about The Gingerbread Man these days. We have The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Girl, The Gingerbread Cowboy, and The Gingerbread Baby. And maybe a few more. Why, oh why, do we have so many? I blame that on my previous career as a kindergarten teacher.

Anyways, this holiday season when I spied a gingerbread house kit on sale at Target, I knew my project loving girl would adore it.

And she did.

Brother too.

But they were both mostly in love with the candy. And wanting to eat it.

And I about lost my ever loving mind trying to get them to decorate the house instead of eat it.

Especially at one point when Dude licked the house.

But in the end it turned out okay. And they enjoyed it. And that was the point.

The resulting product. Nugget's rooftop side:

Dude's rooftop side:

Joined effort for curb appeal:

Mama got the back door. There wasn't much left to work with :)

And, I'm happy to report that our gingerbread man didn't get away. Nugget snatched that sucker up and ate every last rock hard bite of him. It tickled her fancy so.

Ahh. memories.

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