Friday, January 18, 2013


We made room for a lot of family time in December, which of course means we pushed some other things aside. Blogging being one of them. Once Christmas came and went, I was enjoying the hiatus from the blogging world so much, and haven't had much desire to return since. But with baby #3 coming in roughly six weeks, I figure I better get myself caught up while I can :)

So, we kicked off December family time by spending a morning at the Children's Museum. It's a shame to admit this was only our second time there. Ever. Once way back when Nugget was around Doodey's age, and now this visit. The kids had a blast. There was so much to do and see that we only made it through one floor before we needed to head out in search for lunch. Nugget has been asking ever since to go back, so we may just have to do that, sooner than later, lets hope.

Here are some pics from the fun day:

The kids made crowns of their own, and Nick even made me one, with my new pregnant nickname he gave me, "Bumps". So thoughtful, right?


  1. That's my favorite children's museum! We went to the one here in Atlanta and I was so tired when we left! I decided that under 5 is just too much work at those places!

  2. Fun!! Take me along next time ;)

  3. We loved the Houston, Tx one...might need to head down to the big city here to check this 1 out, looks just as amazing! Thanks for sharing and so glad you had some relaxing family time