Monday, November 19, 2012


Over a week later, I think I'm finally coming down from my high of Craft Weekend. It's been fun to share it with you, and see it though the eyes of the other ladies who were there with me. Meg posted about it on her blog today, with lots of fabulous pics. Take a look, if you haven't already. click here.

Picking up from here, I was most excited for Saturday...the big trip to the barn for thrifting and antiquing!

Kimberlee started our day off right with these drool worthy cinnamon rolls. Seriously, I am still craving them!

Our first stop was to an antique store, where I bee lined it right to the quilts. I tend to get overwhelmed in places like this, getting side tracked and completely loosing focus of what it was I came there for. So prior to, I made a small list of things I've been searching for, so I could get right to it and not leave empty handed. I didn't find it all, but I did find many treasures, of course including a few that weren't on my list :)

Next we were off down the road to the infamous barn.

It was crazy windy that day, so windy that I truly feared a piece of flapping metal was going to fly off the barn at any given second and take someone out. But it didn't, and we all survived :)

This was the back of Kimberlee's van when we were finished. I Instagramed it and one of my friend's husbands thought it was my van, and that all those goodies were coming home to MN. Oh good gracious. Could you imagine?

This was my actual pile.

Saturday evening was back to crafting. We were shown five crafts, then had the rest of night to work away. I was soo tired all I wanted to do was sleep, but somehow I managed to pull off another 1:30am bedtime.

Sunday morning was ours to be lazy. Sleep in, eat another delicious breakfast, finish up any crafts, snap more pictures, and ended with a photo shoot with Meg.

There was so much creativity and uniqueness everywhere...I did my best to bottle it up and take it with me. Warning: photo overload.

Noon rolled around and it was time to say goodbye to all the fabulous people that I didn't nearly have enough time with.

I've said it many times in the last week, but I'll say it again. Thank you so much Meg and Kimberlee for such an amazing weekend. You two have an awesome thing going, and I'm so glad I got to share in it. And of course, thanks to my awesome husband, who without him taking over my roll as homemaker, this weekend wouldn't have been possible :)

Happy Thanksgiving week to you! Hope it's delicious!


  1. so so fun!!! and all those quilts!!! how could you choose?!!?! obviously the midwest knows how to do their junk. the east coast is just ridiculous as far as pricing goes.

  2. Still haven't gotten my joy letters done:/ And just looking at that pile of quilts make my heart race. If only there was more time and space...I'd have brought ho,e more!!

  3. Everyone needs a little break once in a while. You deserve it. Glad you had such a good time!

  4. this is super rad. i lived vicariously through you. : )

  5. Oh my word what beautiful pictures!!! I want to go buy some quilts!!!

  6. okay, so you got barely any sleep yet you manage to make all of those crafts and look gorgeous in every picture? You are amazing lady