Sunday, September 16, 2012


It's still hard to believe that my baby girl is 4. She has slowly come to terms with it as well over the past few weeks, and no longer questions why she has to be four and not three. She's wearing it with pride, and has even given us little glimpses into the stuff big four year olds can do, like go to preschool without shedding a single tear, and walking into her new dance class (with all new friends and a new instructor), telling me to stay behind, and introducing herself to the group. You think one might be a little weepy at this, but truthfully I'm not. I've been waiting a long time for my girl to spread her wings, and it makes my heart happy to see her doing so.

So how did we celebrate her special day? Have a look-see.

She really wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, but we were missing a few ingredients so she settled for french toast. I redeemed myself with a candle and a Happy Birthday solo.

Next she chose to go get her toes painted fancy, then meet Daddy for lunch at her favorite, Patty's Place.

She was so tickled with my solo from that morning, so at lunch Daddy and I did a duet.

Someone was happy to have a treat. Sorry about the half chewed food shot.
We balanced out the busy day with a cozy stay home movie night. And yes, pants were optional ;)

Daddy surprised her with a small gift she's been asking for all summer...a yo yo!

The next morning was her much anticipated party day! She chose a mermaid theme this year, which has been one of her loves for a long time. I wish I would have been feeling better to make more cutesy decorations, but what we had was enough to please her.
In lots of pictures and little words, here was her party:

And the birthday girl herself.

Just look at that sass.

Now, I'm no Betty Crocker, but when my girl spied this mermaid cake in one of our birthday books, she fell in love, hard. I knew the cupcakes I was planning wouldn't suffice, so I went for it. I learned a thing or two about cake making in the process (like freeze your cake before you have to cut it in a bunch of pieces!), and in the end it was far from perfect. Like really, the tail? I know it's up entirely too high on her skinny little mid section, but it was either that or it wouldn't fit! But the great thing about four year olds is that they don't care! Hopefully the only thing she'll remember is that I loved her enough to make her this ridiculous mermaid cake.

So there you have it. We had a party, and it was awesome.


  1. Oh how fun. You are such a great mom to throw together such a special party while you were feeling crummy. I thought the cake turned out great! Way to go! :)

  2. YEA! What a fun party! I love thinking up party ideas but HATE actually carrying them out. She looks like she loved it!

  3. this looks awesome! great job mama. that cake is amazing... looks perfect to me!