Friday, September 28, 2012


Fall is here and I am in Heaven. I got the first taste of cool weather several weeks ago, and went all haywire on dreaming fall dreams. Nick commented that I was all to eager to kiss summer goodbye, and while it made me feel slightly guilty for a second, I was indeed not upset to see it go. You see, this summer was one of the roughest of my life. It had nothing to do with my kids, our schedule, or activities. Those were all great. It had everything to do with the blasted heat that just about wiped us out. And when you have no central air in your early 1900's home, and you are plagued with severe pregnancy nausea...let's just say the two didn't mix very well. The hotter it was, the sicker I was, and it really made for a miserable summer.

With the cooler temps I'm able to enjoy the outdoors with my kids in the way that I longed for all summer. We've enjoyed countless walks, bike rides, park visits, and afternoons in the backyard. And instead of feeling like I'm going to tip over and die, I feel renewed, refreshed, alive.

Knock on wood, I'm slowly turning the corner on the whole nausea thing. It's still hanging on by a thread, but I can feel that we're about to part ways in just a short matter of time. And all I have to say to that is Praise the Lord! because it's been rough. Nick and I agree that this has been my worst bout yet. I don't know if I was truly that much sicker this time around, or if the added energy of taking care of two children just had me spent. But in the grand scheme of life, its a minor sacrifice for the reward I get in the end.


While many things have been neglected lately, photo taking is one I have missed the most. I can deal with the dishes piled up and the dust bunnies floating around, but I am just plain sad when I go to write a post, only to discover that I have a mere handful of photos to choose from. Shameful.

Even with slim pickings, here's a peek at us as of late.

Last weekend we had family photos taken by my talented and dear friend Jen. I've only seen this one image so far, and it has me anxiously awaiting the others.

Nugget has aged out of our local ECFE programs, but only just in time for Doodey and I to start going together! He is loving it, and is such a little stud with his "ba pa" (backpack) on.
The kids were pretty thrilled when one of the ECFE teachers delivered this to our house:

It's one of their advertising tactics, and it obviously turns some heads. We were graced with her presence for a week, and the kids befriended her everyday.
We've had two unsuccessful years with our sauerkraut making skills. We're hoping this is our year. So far, it's looking good.
We helped our small town celebrate it's annual Czech harvest festival by attending the Parade of Farm Pride (no joke), among other activities. For a boy who loves tractors and all things machine, Dude was lovin it.

Sister's been whooping it up at the grocery store...
And she's also digging her new dance class.
And I'm just gonna say it again....I'm so glad it's fall.
Hope you have an awesome weekend, and get outside to do something fun!


  1. ME TOO! Fall's definately my favorite. Love this time of year. Glad you're feeling better :)

  2. I'm so glad you're starting to feel better!!! That family picture is just beautiful. And I know I've said it before, but we really need to hire you to dress us! lol

  3. Yay for fall and feeling better. You need window units or something girl. It was miseable this summer...poor thing. That family pic was gorgeous. Jen is good!

  4. The family photo is beautiful!
    Yay for cool weather and feeling slightly better x