Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Brother turned one on Sunday. And I'm still not sure how we got from there to here so quickly.


On Saturday we pulled off his highly anticipated first birthday party. Everything came together quite nicely, and once again I was in my element making it special and memorable. Wait, memorable? That one must be for me, as he is never gonna recall the day ;)

Anyways, I knew from the time he was still in the womb that his first celebration was going to have an owl theme. As does his nursery. I really like owls, if you couldn't already tell. And it's just so fun for me to go off the beaten store bought path, and see what I can create on my own.

It all started with finding this perfect little invitation from Pear Tree Greetings, and then I made everything else to compliment around it.

No one can say that I don't give attention to the details. That's my favorite part.

Hair clips for the girls:


First year photo banner:


Bib, made by Mama:

All together:

Nugget and I worked together on a special little project, cause sister likes to create too. (Hence the crooked stickers.)

No party is complete without cupcakes, a candle, and some singing, as we learned at yesterday's tea party.

Brother couldn't wait to get his hands on one, so Mama had to hold it while we sang to him. Safety first.

First cupcake? Done.

And of course he had oodles of presents to dive into.

A paintbrush from Auntie Angie, Uncle Jesse, and cousins.  How perfect!

And some sweet little parting gifts to say Thanks for coming. Owls with (gummy) worms in their tummies. Cause you know, owls eat worms.

The party sure was a hoot. Pics from his actual birthday to come. Stay tuned.


  1. Love the whole owl theme! So precious. That bib is also too cute! Brother looks so much like his Daddy! Happy Birthday, little guy!

  2. Awww happy birthday brother. Your pics were SO good girl. Love those cupcakes. I'm such a sucker for owls.

  3. Everything came together so nicely! I love the first two pictures. I can never get over how much a baby grows and changes in that first year! Happy Birthday little man!

  4. Happy Birthday little Man! What a sweet birthday party you had. Great Momma you are!!! How fun for him one day to look back at all the thought, and time, and preciousness you put into this big day for him!

  5. Wow what an awesome party! You worked hard! It looks great.

  6. i have NO clue how i missed this!!! the party was a real hoot! : ) the decor is amazing. you are an extraordinaire! the cupcakes are awesome. beyond compare! happy 1st year brother... he is such a cutie. oh and your hair looks gorgeous.

  7. Happy Birthday! Those owls are adorable...great job!

  8. oh this is so a.dorable!
    three of my four kiddos have birthdays within 2 weeks of each other{happening now!}
    and it has been so much fun planning and decorating, adding fun details for each of them!
    LOVE you owl theme and all the wonderful thought and effort you put into it! :)