Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We had the opportunity today to go on a field trip through our ECFE class. It was to see the play Llama Llama Red Pajama at a semi-nearby children's theater.  Nugget has loved this book for quite some time, so I wasted no time in signing us up for the adventure.

I didn't tell her we were going until the day before, because being three and not really having a concept of time, I knew it was better to spring it on her at the last minute.

She was super excited, but not really understanding what a play was either, she was most excited to have her first ride on the big yellow bus. So excited in fact, that she woke up at 6:15 this morning asking if it was time to go. Nick took the day off to stay home with Brother, and after breakfast and a little playtime, we were off.

Um, yes, I had other shoes in mind for this outfit, but sometimes it's just not worth the fight, ya know?

She picked a seat close to the front, and we were joined by several familiar faces from our ECFE class. The ride took a little longer than it should have, due to some confused/lost bus drivers, but we ultimately made it in time, with not a minute to spare. We burned through my stash of 'keep her busy on the bus' activities, and resorted to watching home videos on my phone until we arrived.

She was captivated by the show, sitting in my lap and watching intently for almost an hour. She loved it so much that she cried when it was over. She's done this on our last two movie nights at home as well. Not sure what that's all about, but glad she liked it.

We had a little picnic lunch and then it was time to load up on the bus again and head on home. We live really close to the preschool where the bus was picking up and dropping off, so we took the opportunity to walk (or in her case, run) there and back. A good way to burn off some energy after all that sitting.

On our walk/run home, she said to me "Yesterday, let's do that again, and I won't cry this time." Told ya the girls got some issues with the concept of time. Ha. And when tucking her in to bed tonight, she told me 'the show' was her favorite part of day. This is how memories are made, people. So glad to have shared this day with her.


  1. i love nugget looking in a compact mirror picture. gorgeous!

    i know the mom of a boy in that play! how random and small world. i forget his character but his name is Seth. cool!

  2. That is SO cute. I love that she was so sad it was over she cried. Aren't girls the best? I also adore how little kids think yellow school busses are the BEST thing ever! : )

  3. I know aren't kids a mystery sometimes. She probably was just sad your special cuddle time was over. Great pics amy. You just keep getting better and better.