Tuesday, October 7, 2014


My bestie Jen and I had been dreaming for a long while about doing a craft show together. We tossed around some dates and locations, but nothing was seeming to line up just right. Then one day this summer, she called me up excited, and had just learned about a promising festival called Strange Folk. She submitted her application, and once we learned she had been selected as one of the 150 vendors, I started looking at flights. I was a little nervous about the timing...being just three weeks into a new school year and not knowing yet what to expect with Orelia. But the very affordable plane ticket sealed the deal for us both, and I booked it that very night. We knew that if I didn't, one of us might get nervous and talk ourselves out of it! (fyi-flying with no kids and only a carry on is a breeze!)

Fast forward two months, and there we were, together again! (And all was right in the world!)

We wasted no time in getting to work. Jen was the mastermind behind it all, I was just there to help! One trait that I adore the most about Jen is her attention to detail. She put so much time and effort into planning her tent display, and nothing went overlooked. She's a gem and her efforts were noticed.

We rocked the sales, and even had time to sneak in some fun. (She knows how to show a girl a good time!)

It doesn't matter what we do when we're together, time with this girl is a rare and welcome treat. I went home with a very full heart, belly, and suitcase....filled to the brim with Swank of course! (Which my kids were thrilled about!)

And because Jen is such a doll, she asked me to share a coupon with YOU!

These are just a few of my favorites that Otto is rocking this fall...(Yes, his closet is 90% Swank!)

You can find all these, and loads more, in her Swanky Shank shop. Use the code "amysfaves" for $10 off your order of $30 or more TODAY only! Isn't that a sweet deal? Let me know what you get, Otto and your babe might just get to be twinsies!

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